Have To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. He didn't have to wait any time at all before some one came along. (past/wait)
  • 2. He didn't have to wear any clothes. (past/wear)
  • 3. Well, maybe the nickname's justified, but still, Al Benson didn't have to give the crowning insult. (past/give)
  • 4. I-I'm only warning you that Mr. Avery and the conductor are making a mistake; and you any faith in me or any belief that I'm telling the truth when I say that I didn't do it! (have)
  • 5. In rising against the Horde, the Muscovite but only to imitate the Tartars themselves. (past/invent)
  • 6. He his way in the rough new world as they did. (past/fight)
  • 7. The young minister had not disagreed with the older one, so Elizabeth had not disagreed with him, because she sides. (past/take)
  • 8. If it takes you now two-thirds as long to relearn as it originally took to learn, then one-third of the work originally done on the list , and this saving is the measure of retention. (passive/do over)
  • 9. I you what to do. (tell)
  • 10. He to the office! (past/go)
  • 11. Generally they long. (past/wait)
  • 12. He has his motor, his country mansion, his chef, delicate fare, a lordly retinue of servants-and he a penny for it. (pay)
  • 13. The blasted experts were almost as bad as E's-worse, in a way, because the E anybody of his dignity, or how important the work was he was doing. (past/remind)
  • 14. As soon as I finish my internship, I'm heading back to Earth, where things make sense, so I this mishmash you call a planet. (understand)
  • 15. After the invention of gunpowder, when the combatants together, but could be separated by fields, and little groves and quaint farm-houses, the battle seems to get quite lost in the scenery. (past/passive/lock)
  • 16. I in earnest, thank Heaven! (be)
  • 17. I that; I can see it; you have wanted me to see it. (doubt)
  • 18. You the criminal in order to sympathize with his misery. (agree with)
  • 19. We any more. (past/talk)
  • 20. I to abducting her from the seminary as we had planned. (past/resort)

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