Have To Question Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. What should I have to grumble about? (what/I/should/grumble)
  • 2. Coming from India to France, why should he have to go to Bosnia? (why/he/should/go)
  • 3. What could the good architect have to do with this matter? (what/the good architect/could/do)
  • 4. with her? (what/he/can/do)
  • 5. upon if we paid all that for rent? (what/we/should/live)
  • 6. in this recess all night? (he/would/stay)
  • 7. in the night? (what else/I/past/do)
  • 8. For the lamb and the goat we can find scriptural interpretations, but the rabbit and the hare- with Easter? (what/they/can/do)
  • 9. ? (what/the leader/would/do)
  • 10. But so crooked with him? (why/you/past/be)
  • 11. ? (how long/we/shall/remain)
  • 12. upon his return? (what/he/would/tell)
  • 13. ? (what/the world/could/say)
  • 14. it all? (why/he/past/spoil)
  • 15. to the likes of you, sir? (what/the likes of me/could/say)
  • 16. But till he is fifty-five before receiving a pension? (why/a working man/should/wait)
  • 17. you, my very best friend? (why/it/past/be)
  • 18. their embarrassment and humiliation out on an innocent little animal? (why/they/past/take)
  • 19. If it was a matter of helping Mombleux with a translation, to the office, where everyone could see her and know that he had had to ask for her help? (why/she/should/go)
  • 20. Fairacres! (why/she/ever/past/leave)

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