How Much How Many Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. How much work is to be done?
  • 2. How many men are in the picture?
  • 3. And how many days did it take you?
  • 4. How brothers and sisters did he have?
  • 5. How miles is it to Babylon?
  • 6. How beauty is the common possession of our race!
  • 7. How snow could you melt in an hour, if you were planted in a hogshead of it?
  • 8. Just how confidence should he show the colonel?
  • 9. How happy evenings we have had in that hut!
  • 10. I do not know how of them might be thought desirable.
  • 11. And yet how minutes have rolled by!
  • 12. You know how damage they do.
  • 13. How feet, have the number twos?
  • 14. How goodly creatures are there here!
  • 15. He was resolved to see them thoroughly no matter how time might be required in the process.
  • 16. And she looked down into the well; and it was a happiness to see how the one became a blessing to the world, to see how happiness and joy were felt everywhere.
  • 17. Now the great number of those present showed how love the dead woman had sowed and reaped.
  • 18. How scenes are there in the play?
  • 19. Then she wished that she knew for certain how money he had in the bank; not that it would make any difference now.
  • 20. And see how books we have, and how much we have to learn!

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