Indefinite Pronouns (any/every/no/some) Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. I nodded my head, but said nothing.
  • 2. Therefore we ought to prize this grace above all else, and do everything in our power to preserve it.
  • 3. She wanted to say something to comfort.
  • 4. When thing was ready, and the water in the pot was getting hot, he popped him in, and waited till he thought the salmon was nearly boiled.
  • 5. Yet thing was ready for the cameras.
  • 6. The circumstance was thing of a shock to him.
  • 7. But that has thing to do with it.
  • 8. There's thing else for it.
  • 9. She waited, but he said thing.
  • 10. The name doesn't mean thing.
  • 11. There was thing else for them to do.
  • 12. They seem to be looking for thing.
  • 13. He had never seen thing like it before.
  • 14. Strangely enough, as it would seem, except for this buoyant determination to make the best of thing, they hardly appear to recognize the difference of the climate from that which they had left.
  • 15. He laughed, but I said thing.
  • 16. He glanced about as if in search of thing.
  • 17. Heaven will do thing of the kind.
  • 18. Now, let's talk of thing else.
  • 19. Did you ever see thing like it?
  • 20. Suddenly, however, the sound of war was heard again, Napoleon had broken forth from Elba, and thing was in confusion.

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