Infinitive Verbs Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 562

  • 1. What has that got to do with it? (do)
  • 2. He asked me to be a friend to him. (be)
  • 3. I want you to give it to me. (give)
  • 4. My wife got of it. (hear)
  • 5. Where could she get it ? (do)
  • 6. How did it come so? (be)
  • 7. I want you a look at him. (take)
  • 8. I felt I must come you. (see)
  • 9. He seemed sick to the soul. (be)
  • 10. My father wanted to him. (talk)
  • 11. He wished where they lived. (know)
  • 12. He seemed nothing to do. (have)
  • 13. The fellow seemed no blood in him. (have)
  • 14. I decided my knowledge to myself. (keep)
  • 15. He asked me it back. (put)
  • 16. But nothing seemed of it. (come)
  • 17. I don't see how I came it. (do)
  • 18. I can't wait you! (see)
  • 19. I seem she's here. (feel)
  • 20. Ask him you about it. (tell)

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