Infinitive vs Gerund Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. How do you come to be here? (be)
  • 2. That is all I wanted to know. (know)
  • 3. Clean tales that all the girls will enjoy reading. (read)
  • 4. It seemed a very long way. (be)
  • 5. In return for my silence upon a certain matter, you are going to prevent it . (pass)
  • 6. I never wish you again. (see)
  • 7. I waved an irritated hand and kept on . (talk)
  • 8. Thus you avoid any of the hard center. (take)
  • 9. I seemed that I had. (remember)
  • 10. He seems only a man. (be)
  • 11. They kept on the flight of birds. (study)
  • 12. He asked me a friend to him. (be)
  • 13. Where could she get it ? (do)
  • 14. Imagine him that young fellow putting her handkerchief in his pocket. (see)
  • 15. But I want with you. (go)
  • 16. Can you imagine him a frown? (wear)
  • 17. That is how I came her. (know)
  • 18. She did not dare to risk him. (lose)
  • 19. I imagined him down from the clouds upon his wretched son, with a countenance of inexpressible horror. (look)
  • 20. He paused to think, but he could not see any way to avoid her the truth. (tell)

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