Just or Already or Yet Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 3,813

  • 1. The characteristic feature of the skull has been already mentioned.
  • 2. It is just possible that it is not.
  • 3. And yet I couldn't keep his watch.
  • 4. And that was what we did.
  • 5. I have not seen this work.
  • 6. But the climax was to come.
  • 7. And he did not turn back.
  • 8. But the end was not for Mary.
  • 9. But the best is to come.
  • 10. He has not recovered from the last attack.
  • 11. I am not a romantic man.
  • 12. I have had occasion to mention this castle.
  • 13. And I could not tell you then.
  • 14. And he was not a cruel man.
  • 15. That's as it should be.
  • 16. And he knew that it was true.
  • 17. The utmost caution was enforced, and although, as I have remarked, we handled our own guns when we were only lads of twelve years old, I can not recall a single accident which occurred.
  • 18. It is the same at home.
  • 19. But the hour of despair had not arrived.
  • 20. He asked again, and again.

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