Make vs Do Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 3,553

  • 1. And she can't do anything to you.
  • 2. I could do nothing, you know.
  • 3. You've got to make your own way.
  • 4. That is where I my mistake.
  • 5. It is difficult to conversation with a man.
  • 6. He'll the journey in two hours.
  • 7. But that doesn't any difference.
  • 8. Now I was ready to the attempt.
  • 9. Quickly I my way to the horses.
  • 10. Here the girl her first mistake.
  • 11. But it little impression on him.
  • 12. Again, he had a friend.
  • 13. He felt that he must something.
  • 14. We just couldn't a thing.
  • 15. I room for him to pass.
  • 16. It no work to speak of.
  • 17. I'll my own law for this case.
  • 18. The lips moved but no sound.
  • 19. I my best to get them.
  • 20. But it won't any good.

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