Many vs Much Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. Not much work was done that day.
  • 2. Not much time was lost about it.
  • 3. Many brave men fell on either side.
  • 4. other eyes are turned towards the window.
  • 5. We don't have women here.
  • 6. But it was not with success.
  • 7. I have met with such cases.
  • 8. But they did not make progress.
  • 9. Before minutes they drew near home.
  • 10. You have too children to keep.
  • 11. I have not seen you for months.
  • 12. Now it appeared to be miles.
  • 13. There wasn't time left.
  • 14. They did not pay attention to him.
  • 15. You have spoken words in your day.
  • 16. He knew the names of animals.
  • 17. That was a good years ago.
  • 18. I picked up useful information in that way.
  • 19. He now addressed her with respect.
  • 20. We cannot do him harm.

Online Many or Much (countable/uncountable) Activities

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