Mixed Conditionals Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. He would have killed him if he had known. (know)
  • 2. If I like a place, I stop there. (like)
  • 3. If I am a sinner, I'm a sufferer. (be)
  • 4. And it is just possible she would not have spoken to her, if she hadn't seen the books. (not/see)
  • 5. They would not know you if they here. (stand)
  • 6. If he so he would have been quite safe from me. (do)
  • 7. If you me, I will repeat it. (permit)
  • 8. He would have given double if she it. (ask)
  • 9. If you true, they've a terrible reality. (mean)
  • 10. If she her word she will keep it. (give)
  • 11. If you again, I won't see you. (come)
  • 12. If you him, I do. (not/remember)
  • 13. It would be very wrong if she . (do)
  • 14. You won't know it if it . (do)
  • 15. He would be here soon if he . (have)
  • 16. I doubt if anybody so except themselves. (think)
  • 17. It will be well if we so. (do)
  • 18. You wouldn't say it if you sober. (be)
  • 19. You wouldn't believe it if you it. (see)
  • 20. I wonder if she a secret also. (have)

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