Must/Mustn't Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. He mustn't find me here with you. (not/find)
  • 2. We must get the other man into this. (get)
  • 3. But why must she start on the journey? (why/she/start/?)
  • 4. I to him about it. (speak)
  • 5. And these others it. (not/try)
  • 6. Again, I an answer. (not/give)
  • 7. You here any more. (not/come)
  • 8. I back anything. (not/keep)
  • 9. But we him know it. (not/let)
  • 10. No, it like that. (not/be)
  • 11. But we to talk. (not/stop)
  • 12. But I any further. (not/go)
  • 13. The child it again. (not/hear)
  • 14. And to avoid it? (what/he/do/?)
  • 15. You so much of it. (not/think)
  • 16. But no one about you. (know)
  • 17. One anything to do with them. (not/have)
  • 18. You me much about it. (tell)
  • 19. We the best we can. (do)
  • 20. in bed like a woman? (I/die/?)

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