Nationalities and Countries Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. The British fire at this time was heavy and accurate. (Britain/United Kingdom)
  • 2. The Indian seemed to know that voice. (India)
  • 3. The great majority of the American people took the same view. (United States)
  • 4. The knows it well, too! (England)
  • 5. The bricks were laid in bond. (England)
  • 6. The pay of the soldiers was very small. (Spain)
  • 7. We have to do with homes. (England)
  • 8. Why should he not try the system for a change? (France)
  • 9. I pressed the bell centred in the bronze. (China)
  • 10. A army marched into Belgium from the other side. (France)
  • 11. The lad lifted his eyebrows in surprise. (Mexico)
  • 12. The replies from the ship were fatal. (Australia)
  • 13. From this the character suffered much. (Germany)
  • 14. The exultation of the was boundless. (France)
  • 15. It may be made a cause for intervention. (United States)
  • 16. They exhibit strong traces of influence. (Greece)
  • 17. She motioned toward the sleeping lad. (Ireland)
  • 18. The pillow is a fearful and wonderful article. (Japan)
  • 19. The other man wore the uniform of an officer of infantry. (Austria)
  • 20. Education is unknown among the women. (Egypt)

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