Need/Needn't Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 35

  • 1. Why need the girl make game of an honest man who loved her? (why/the girl/make/?)
  • 2. You needn't be afraid to tell me. (not/be)
  • 3. For the Egyptians also the road remained dry; but if his people only kept a short distance in advance he need feel no anxiety; during the night the rescued tribes could disperse among the mountains and hide in places where no chariots nor horses could follow. (feel)
  • 4. I hardly that we were not quite so long in returning to Rio as we were in going to the mines. (say)
  • 5. But you excited about it. (not/get)
  • 6. The people nothing about it. (know)
  • 7. I hope that I no further proofs and assurances than I have already given throughout nearly three years of anxious patience that I am the friend of peace and mean to preserve it for America so long as I am able. (give)
  • 8. We upon the subject here. (not/enter)
  • 9. I myself, I see. (not/introduce)
  • 10. Now, it on? (why/you/put/?)
  • 11. But you for that. (not/care)
  • 12. Well, they a curse. (not/remain)
  • 13. I don't think you even then. (go)
  • 14. And even if they should be, to him? (why/she/speak/?)
  • 15. You never any other mistress as long as I live: and when I die you and CΓ¦sar will have money enough to make you comfortable, and a nice little house. (have)
  • 16. You of paying me. (not/think)
  • 17. But you've got a long time yet before you to worry about it. (begin)
  • 18. I you to be brave. (not/tell)
  • 19. You to come cunning over me. (not/try)
  • 20. I don't think I that for you. (translate)

Online Need Needn't Modal Mixed Positive Negative Question Form Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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