Order of Adjectives Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. He wrote several other plays and other things. (other/several)
  • 2. He carried a small black grip with him. (black/small)
  • 3. The only possible antidote is the truth. (possible/only)
  • 4. But the rush was over. (mad/first)
  • 5. In the vestibule stood an beam. (wooden/old)
  • 6. The woman shook her head slowly. (old/colored)
  • 7. The small star has a color. (dull/blue)
  • 8. The line would be turned. (French/whole)
  • 9. The meal was taken at midday. (warm/first)
  • 10. The English have so habits. (peculiar/many)
  • 11. soldiers met a like fate. (private/several)
  • 12. He held out a hand. (big/white)
  • 13. They are naturally of a color. (rich/brown)
  • 14. The simplicity was not lost. (Roman/ancient)
  • 15. She wore a gown with a Dutch neck. (white/simple)
  • 16. His skill was tested in ways. (different/many)
  • 17. Charlie worked steadily through the afternoon. (hot/long)
  • 18. Every seat of the theatre was occupied. (circular/large)
  • 19. An old ring plays an important part in this story. (charming/little)
  • 20. This day brought its disappointment. (bitter/own)

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