Other vs Another vs Others Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 143

  • 1. He may be on the other side of the world.
  • 2. In another minute he was back with his friends.
  • 3. Then, with the aid of two or three others, he removed him to the place indicated.
  • 4. The girl looked from one to the .
  • 5. He looked about from one to the .
  • 6. We stood and looked at each .
  • 7. I had things to think of.
  • 8. He employs it to interfere with the lives of .
  • 9. The house was like all the .
  • 10. Without word, he was gone.
  • 11. I will tell you all about it day.
  • 12. The people looked at one in surprise.
  • 13. One word was as good as .
  • 14. There, you needn't say word.
  • 15. Then, without word, he hurried away.
  • 16. She knew of no place to go.
  • 17. At times it was very bad.
  • 18. In moment they were out of range.
  • 19. Instantly, the followed his example.
  • 20. They did not look at each .

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