Ought To Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. You know what you ought to do. (do)
  • 2. I ought not to disguise this from you. (not/disguise)
  • 3. Why ought we to know it better than them as hires us? (why/we/know/?)
  • 4. I don't know as I it. (accept)
  • 5. He by your side. (stand)
  • 6. She some poison for it. (spare)
  • 7. It is cold; you here. (not/stay)
  • 8. so angry with him because temptation had set loose the rebellious powers which he had chained? (she/be/?)
  • 9. I of this before. (past/think)
  • 10. She him thus. (past/repel)
  • 11. at this point? (history/stop/?)
  • 12. I almost think I . (go)
  • 13. him that? (I/not/call/?)
  • 14. a year? (how many thousands/he/have/?)
  • 15. When a thing is so true, it . (not/passive/say)
  • 16. They the estate together. (keep)
  • 17. , what would she most need? (what/she/take/?)
  • 18. in a Christian nation? (it/not/exist/?)
  • 19. They here within an hour. (be)
  • 20. They it! (not/allow)

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