Mixed Passive Voice Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. You won't be asked to sign any promise in the matter. (future simple/not/ask)
  • 2. A window seemed to be opened before her. (indefinite/open)
  • 3. But just why should he be followed? (why/he/should/follow/?)
  • 4. Another night on the battle-field. (past simple/pass)
  • 5. It for her. (should/past/make)
  • 6. If we do we . (future simple/not/disappoint)
  • 7. The origin of the city thus. (present simple/give)
  • 8. I as man! (would/love)
  • 9. The pen down again. (future simple/not/tear)
  • 10. The ground with the dead. (past simple/cover)
  • 11. Fortunately we to this desperate alternative. (past simple/not/drive)
  • 12. I waiting. (can/not/keep)
  • 13. On another point a word . (may might/say)
  • 14. There were no moments . (indefinite/lose)
  • 15. The additional orders . (past perfect/not/receive)
  • 16. to the soil? (how/it/may/carry/?)
  • 17. It to as a fact. (present simple/swear)
  • 18. Yet he as property. (present simple/not/own)
  • 19. It as the cloud-ring. (present simple/know)
  • 20. The windows of the first story . (past simple/light)

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