Mixed Passive Voice (all tenses) Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. The evening of his arrival was spent in grief. (past simple/spend)
  • 2. The religious side of education mustn't be neglected. (must/not/neglect)
  • 3. Are you resolved to live and die with me? (present simple/you/resolve/?)
  • 4. The mode of speech isn't easily described. (present simple/not/easily/describe)
  • 5. I know they this way. (could/make)
  • 6. But it with the accustomed laughter. (past simple/not/greet)
  • 7. Education to the door of every man. (present simple/bring)
  • 8. It by a second call from the walls. (past simple/answer)
  • 9. Probably- there, with money and a ticket? (why else/I/should/send/?)
  • 10. Life by will or intention. (present simple/not/govern)
  • 11. Go to the saloons; by women? (present simple/they/frequent/?)
  • 12. No, I by you. (shall/not/sway)
  • 13. But how was that proof ? (indefinite/obtain)
  • 14. I'll see that you . (present simple/not/prosecute)
  • 15. The sea or threatened. (future simple/not/mock)
  • 16. In a word it this way. (may/put)
  • 17. It is useless; you . (future simple/not/hear)
  • 18. But for many a day we . (past simple/not/find)
  • 19. The operation of these principles . (can/not/deny)
  • 20. But or when? (where/it/shall/seek/?)

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