Past Continuous Tense Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. But they weren't living any longer. (not/live)
  • 2. I know she was looking at me. (look)
  • 3. Was it owing to any wisdom of hers? (it/owe/?)
  • 4. away from fear of punishment? (she/steal/?)
  • 5. to, Daddy? (who/you/speak/?)
  • 6. You to her at the moment. (talk)
  • 7. The boat in one position. (not/stay)
  • 8. Then he the whole story. (tell)
  • 9. The boat back to the wharf. (not/go)
  • 10. She thought he at her. (stare)
  • 11. ? (to what end/men and women/suffer/?)
  • 12. Only it the other way. (go)
  • 13. But he for trouble. (not/wait)
  • 14. And away in the distance? (what/those grey forms/trot/?)
  • 15. in the bush? (why/you two/skulk/?)
  • 16. He for any way of escape. (not/search)
  • 17. And I either. (not/lie)
  • 18. It was a man he . (carry)
  • 19. But he of the boy. (think)
  • 20. These men at him. (not/laugh)

Online Mixed Past Progressive Tense (was/were -ing) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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