Past Continuous Tense Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. They were sitting on a bed of it. (sit)
  • 2. Was she thinking of her happy past life? (she/think/?)
  • 3. The prospect in the morning wasn't cheering. (not/cheer)
  • 4. He did not know where he was going. (go)
  • 5. She on the steps of the house. (sit)
  • 6. , and shrouded by what mean disguise? (on what heath/he/wander/?)
  • 7. Philip knew that she the truth. (not/speak)
  • 8. I it for some special occasion. (keep)
  • 9. He to her as a person. (not/talk)
  • 10. The sun the edge of the sea. (cut)
  • 11. there at the gate? (why/Forsyth/stand/?)
  • 12. , then, as they drove through the clear night along the lonely road? (of what/they/think/?)
  • 13. He to rise to the occasion. (begin)
  • 14. sadly, without any precise recollection of anything that had happened? (she/dream/?)
  • 15. He knew that they of him. (speak)
  • 16. They back toward the town. (now/walk)
  • 17. He was aware that his friend . (not/listen)
  • 18. Now they away from us. (not/travel)
  • 19. She it now with what she had had, but what she had so recently seen. (not/contrast)
  • 20. The progress of the party dangerous. (become)

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