Past Continuous Tense Positive Form Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. It was as though she was talking in a dream. (talk)
  • 2. By this time the boys were arriving. (arrive)
  • 3. Every one was feeling his own way. (feel)
  • 4. I thought she all night. (go on)
  • 5. It was a man he . (carry)
  • 6. His eyes about the room. (wander)
  • 7. Then he the whole story. (tell)
  • 8. He knew what she at. (drive)
  • 9. I thought we quite alone. (stand)
  • 10. I thought they about land. (talk)
  • 11. Several letters upon the table. (lie)
  • 12. We felt that we with it. (drop)
  • 13. Already he from his seat. (rise)
  • 14. By this time it late. (get)
  • 15. I a great interest in you. (take)
  • 16. He asked them where they . (go)
  • 17. She a secret from him. (keep)
  • 18. He for you to pass. (wait)
  • 19. She didn't know where she . (go)
  • 20. She well, very well. (look)

Online Past Progressive Tense Affirmative Form Activities

2027 past continuous positive exercises in 101 tests. Practice past continuous tense positive form online, complete the sentences using correct forms, check your answers interactively. Improve your English grammar with the ESL activities about past progressive tense affirmative form. The first past continuous positive tests are easier and suitable for kids, beginner (A1), elementary (A2) and pre-intermediate (B1) learners.