Past Future Continuous Tense Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. Should he go out alone, it might cost him a long time to find grass and water-for both would be necessary-and, meantime, his stock would be suffering. (suffer)
  • 2. Algernon wouldn't be dining with us. (not/dine)
  • 3. What would they be looking for in that direction? (what/they/look/?)
  • 4. And out there, where the guns muttered, millions of men that same thought! (think)
  • 5. They out somewhere, talking! (sit)
  • 6. And they back to it! (go)
  • 7. He a hazardous leap chanced on the immediate smiles of fortune. (not/take)
  • 8. I, therefore, do not any longer persuade him to leave off, as I am convinced that it him to be unhappy. (persuade)
  • 9. They some game, perhaps. (play)
  • 10. She up for my message. (wait)
  • 11. Your father it for me. (get)
  • 12. That meant he to fish. (go out)
  • 13. If he had left us alone he there now. (not/lie)
  • 14. If he did not walk he the gratitude of Sadie by a falsehood. (obtain)
  • 15. If she was I this letter. (not/write)
  • 16. As likely as not Anthony on the other side of the deck. (walk)
  • 17. I didn't rightly know what to say, because I didn't know whether the boat the river or down. (come up)
  • 18. No, it . (not/beg)
  • 19. He is an honest man; for I need not tell you that if he had been a scamp, he his carriage by now. (keep)
  • 20. It the old slavery. (set up)

Online Conditional Progressive Tense (would be -ing) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

443 past future continuous online multiple choices exercises in 22 tests. Practice past future continuous tense online for exams, check your answers. Improve your English grammar with the interactive conditional progressive tense (would be -ing) activities. Suitable for beginner, elementary and intermediate level learners.