Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. What in the world would he have been going to Montreal for, at this time of year? (what in the world/he/go/?)
  • 2. They did not know that I was ill, did they, or they wouldn't have been dancing, poor little things? (not/dance)
  • 3. It would have been breaking my contract in the spirit, though not actually in the letter. (break)
  • 4. In another month I would have had control of the men, and the property a good dividend. (pay)
  • 5. To avoid this, sail was kept on the ship, though, under any other circumstances, with an open sea before her, she under bare poles. (run)
  • 6. If Bolton had not turned back to buy the basket, he a house on which masons were working at the very moment when a ladder, carelessly placed against it, happened to fall with a crash. (not/pass)
  • 7. There are women to whom all this warfare , but it was not so to Lee. (divert)
  • 8. She was pretty nearly certain that some one the younger one when the younger one would have been needing that thing. (protect)
  • 9. The poor creature was in a high fever, and to grant her request her to her death. (send)
  • 10. If there had been, this house here empty all these years. (not/stand)
  • 11. It fair. (not/fight)
  • 12. If it had been like the one that fell in Siberia a few years ago, or the one that made the Winslow crater in Arizona-we about it. (not/talk)
  • 13. If she had been a little Quaker girl she of her sins, and making new resolves. (think)
  • 14. If they wanted to send me a message, it for me at Kingston. (wait)
  • 15. Did he then waste his time in what would seem wild imagination, when a more practically minded boy for work? (apply)
  • 16. in accordance with his conscience to overlook her wily artifice? (it/act/?)
  • 17. In another ten minutes, I suppose, odds and ends of chicken in the air. (fly)
  • 18. Who would have thought such ideas through so young a head. (run)
  • 19. My geographical knowledge of that country in its most important particular. (want)
  • 20. If there had been any firing, I about by the Tibetan flank without a revolver in my hand. (not/wander)

Online Conditional Perfect Progressive Tense (would have been -ing) Activities

40 past future perfect continuous exercises in 2 tests. Practice past future perfect continuous tense online, complete the sentences using correct forms, check your answers interactively. Improve your English grammar with the ESL activities about conditional perfect progressive tense (would have been -ing). The first past future perfect continuous tests are easier and suitable for kids, beginner (A1), elementary (A2) and pre-intermediate (B1) learners.