Past Future Simple Tense (would) Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. He knew how she would take it. (take)
  • 2. Nothing I wouldn't do for him. (not/do)
  • 3. What would she think of me now? (what/she/think/?)
  • 4. it if you heard it? (you/know/?)
  • 5. At first she him. (not/tell)
  • 6. But I the city in time. (not/reach)
  • 7. If he did, he her. (leave)
  • 8. He had known that she . (understand)
  • 9. I that it was true. (say)
  • 10. on the water? (they/rather/go out/?)
  • 11. I suppose you them that. (call)
  • 12. She was sure that he it. (not/find)
  • 13. given? (when/the second notice/passive/give/?)
  • 14. They you if they stood here. (not/know)
  • 15. But she him to see her. (not/take)
  • 16. He him in the morning. (try/and/see)
  • 17. It -it must hold. (hold)
  • 18. He back in time for dinner. (be)
  • 19. We where to go. (not/know)
  • 20. They you in at once. (run)

Online Conditional Simple Tense (would) Activities

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