Past Participle Irregular Verbs (v3) Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. What must he have thought of her? (think)
  • 2. But I've not made good. (make)
  • 3. It was just as I had left it. (leave)
  • 4. They don't know what I've . (get)
  • 5. You would have great without me. (be)
  • 6. I am glad to have you. (see)
  • 7. It was some time since they had . (speak)
  • 8. A moment had it to me. (show)
  • 9. All this was in a moment. (do)
  • 10. It had always him like that. (take)
  • 11. He couldn't have there! (go)
  • 12. The story will never be by me. (tell)
  • 13. I'm glad to have her. (know)
  • 14. Word came that they had you. (catch)
  • 15. But how is this to be ? (do)
  • 16. But now I've him! (find)
  • 17. There would have no other way. (be)
  • 18. The others were not to be . (see)
  • 19. It was as if she had . (forget)
  • 20. I am to be a memory. (give)

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