Past Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. We hadn't been flying long in 1904 before we found that the problem of equilibrium had not as yet been entirely solved. (not/fly)
  • 2. With what incredible recklessness had he been acting all these months! (with what incredible recklessness/he/act/?)
  • 3. That was the information I had been hoping for. (hope)
  • 4. about all day? (what/he/think/?)
  • 5. I for two days. (travel)
  • 6. They since the beginning of time. (fall)
  • 7. A cow to him. (call)
  • 8. He loud but he lowered his voice still more. (not/talk)
  • 9. there five hours? (I/write/?)
  • 10. It was what he at. (drive)
  • 11. Obviously she to the conversation. (listen)
  • 12. It was what she . (expect)
  • 13. They thus for weeks. (pass)
  • 14. That was what I for. (wait)
  • 15. They very fast when he fell off. (not/go)
  • 16. I asked him if he . (not/dream)
  • 17. there? (how long/she/stand/?)
  • 18. He for nothing. (not/think)
  • 19. The conversation about the departure for the last hour. (go on)
  • 20. She simply of his disease. (speak)

Online Mixed Past Perfect Progressive Tense (had been -ing) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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