Past Perfect Continuous Tense Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 1,500

  • 1. She hadn't been looking down at the deep, treacherous pool at all. (look)
  • 2. For, if Madge hadn't been talking with David, Dot and Daisy would never have run away from her and disappeared. (talk)
  • 3. If Eve Nolan hadn't been puttering with some of her trick films at the time-she and Walt Harris had the so-called night shift-and seen them blacken, we'd have been dead before they discovered it. (putter)
  • 4. He for nothing. (think)
  • 5. He realised at once that Mrs. Gregg to his account of the statue, but that she was replying to his original suggestion. (listen)
  • 6. And so it was, though I what the French call a double entendre at the time. (intend)
  • 7. Proofs of the truth of Bill Petersen's radio warning. (lack)
  • 8. If she with her back to the light, Letty might have noticed the dark rings under her eyes. (sit)
  • 9. We could row that way long enough, and if Sam and Nate their strength, we could win. (save)
  • 10. Sigi embarked upon the ocean in a small boat, and he long when a little skiff drew near, wherein was an old man with one eye, wearing a broad-brimmed grey hat. (sail)
  • 11. Maurice objected that he was not in any way a victim of hallucinations, that he , that he had seen his guardian angel with his eyes and heard him with his ears. (dream)
  • 12. When she went into the little drawing-room Audrey was sitting in the deep-cushioned window-seat with a book on her knee; and by the fact that it was open at the index, Barbara judged that she too attentively. (read)
  • 13. In pausing to formulate his thoughts, he became conscious that Miss Masters his dictation; that she had laid an envelope on his desk directly in front of where he usually sat, and that she was putting on her hat. (take)
  • 14. He pitched forward as though falling to avoid the explosion, just as we would have done if we a stretcher. (hold)
  • 15. I should have thought twice before speaking, if I my main attention to Professor Newton. (give)
  • 16. No matter what he might do in the future, he could not redeem the past; and if Farnsworth felt he the game right, he ought to take the matter in his own hands and get off the team. (play)
  • 17. Again, old man Carlson was in very needy circumstances; his boy with his wife for four years. (live)
  • 18. I knew instinctively that it was Jean Pahusca, and that he me to be there after my call and had failed to notice me in his eagerness to creep unseen down the slope. (expect)
  • 19. Once in the theatre, it was seen that Dickey and Mopsey their time, for there was such a collection of cast-off uniforms and weapons as would have furnished a much larger company than theirs with outfits. (waste)
  • 20. Although she and Miss Mercy since the episode of the butterfly, her tender conscience was troubled that she had not said good-bye to her. (speak)

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