Past Perfect Simple Tense Passive Voice Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. He did as he had been bidden. (bid)
  • 2. The bed hadn't been slept in that night. (not/sleep)
  • 3. Various steps had been taken in this direction. (take)
  • 4. But he . (not/steal)
  • 5. He that morning. (not/see)
  • 6. The house for a long time. (close)
  • 7. It for years. (not/paint)
  • 8. They yet. (not/introduce)
  • 9. By that time the start . (make)
  • 10. The fire for its purpose. (use)
  • 11. Her father about him. (tell)
  • 12. He with a seat in that box. (supply)
  • 13. He to his office. (order)
  • 14. The point by his friends. (raise)
  • 15. The main suspicion against her. (direct)
  • 16. It under peculiar circumstances. (discover)
  • 17. We for three months. (expect)
  • 18. The time of this meeting . (announce)
  • 19. He saw that he . (mistake)
  • 20. But the promise . (not/keep)

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