Past Perfect Simple Tense Question Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 51

  • 1. Why had she not answered him as he deserved? (why/she/not/answer)
  • 2. Had she ever looked twice at one of them? (she/ever/look)
  • 3. Had he not threatened he would kill the man who visited her at night? (he/not/threaten)
  • 4. And yet, in the evening, when one took a retrospect of the day, over! (what a mass of happiness/we/travel)
  • 5. at home? (why/I/not/stay)
  • 6. her? (how much/her mother/tell)
  • 7. it an hour earlier! (they/not/witness)
  • 8. of him before? (why/I/not/think)
  • 9. But red that way, he wondered? (why/her face/grow)
  • 10. , and what a vast reach of water lay between me and the shore! (how little way/I/make)
  • 11. that he wanted to sell that picture? (how on earth/the fellow/know)
  • 12. since Jim left? (how long/it/be)
  • 13. off altogether in the darkness? (the pair/ahead/steal)
  • 14. his boat? (the people/here/see)
  • 15. that particular line! (how many times/he/hear)
  • 16. his worst, and told her? (her father/do)
  • 17. to him before the world began? (she/not/belong)
  • 18. real or a dream? (the face/be)
  • 19. the necklace closely, even for a moment? (she/examine)
  • 20. place in their situation? (a change/take)

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