Past Simple Tense With Irregular Verbs Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I knew it would come to that. (know)
  • 2. This is how he went to work. (go)
  • 3. And to that she had no answer. (have)
  • 4. But he of the matter to his wife. (speak)
  • 5. I my best to give it. (do)
  • 6. Where I I could not say. (go)
  • 7. That's what I to tell you. (come)
  • 8. But in a moment he again. (begin)
  • 9. I my fire for a few minutes. (hold)
  • 10. He it wouldn't be long. (know)
  • 11. And with that she the room. (leave)
  • 12. I it would not be long. (think)
  • 13. But to that she no answer. (make)
  • 14. I don't know how I there. (get)
  • 15. The ship good way on her. (have)
  • 16. She him waiting for his answer. (keep)
  • 17. That evening him again at her side. (find)
  • 18. I am so glad I you. (meet)
  • 19. Then I it back with me. (bring)
  • 20. He a large room in front of him. (see)

Online Past Simple Tense With Only Irregular Verbs (v2) Activities

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