Past Simple Tense With Regular Verbs Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. He wanted her for the mother of his children. (want)
  • 2. They asked me to go and see them. (ask)
  • 3. For a moment my courage failed me. (fail)
  • 4. He to do so till his death. (continue)
  • 5. She now full into his face. (look)
  • 6. Then she in her mother's room. (appear)
  • 7. It to reach us, but could not. (try)
  • 8. But she too late for this. (arrive)
  • 9. I for a moment or two. (wait)
  • 10. He to him to stop a moment. (call)
  • 11. Her father through the door again. (call)
  • 12. It to have done its work. (seem)
  • 13. I them with my eyes through the crowd. (follow)
  • 14. He to his country and there. (return) (die)
  • 15. We the whole of the next day in the same place. (pass)
  • 16. But he and at her. (turn) (look)
  • 17. He the room and the door behind him. (enter) (close)
  • 18. She it should not be so. (declare)
  • 19. They to know all about her. (seem)
  • 20. Thus they in silence for a long time. (remain)

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