Possessive Adjectives Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I will take very little of your time. (you)
  • 2. He is having the time of his life. (he)
  • 3. We do not want you in our country. (we)
  • 4. There they would be in their right place. (they)
  • 5. The work was done by own men. (I)
  • 6. At the next moment he was at side. (we)
  • 7. It was placed with back to the wind. (it)
  • 8. He knew that it must have way. (it)
  • 9. It's not the work of hands. (he)
  • 10. The other had the eye in hand. (she)
  • 11. It has been on mind for some time. (we)
  • 12. I must have left it in room. (I)
  • 13. Then she went away to do work. (she)
  • 14. And this is the end of story. (they)
  • 15. It's not a bad idea in way. (it)
  • 16. I went to her and took hands. (she)
  • 17. No other woman has any place in life. (I)
  • 18. I did not look then at face. (she)
  • 19. heart is as good as head. (you) (you)
  • 20. He had them in hand at the moment. (he)

Online Possessive Adjectives Activities

2170 possessive adjectives exercises in 101 tests. Practice possessive adjectives online, check your answers. Improve your English grammar with the possessive adjectives activities. Suitable for beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate learners.

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