Possessive Adjectives Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I have seen it in her eyes.
  • 2. He came, and did his work well.
  • 3. It has been on our mind for some time.
  • 4. You mustn't have own way always.
  • 5. I'm having the time of life.
  • 6. But not a face changed expression.
  • 7. He had the time of life!
  • 8. Can you find way after me?
  • 9. I never took eyes from face.
  • 10. She turned the matter over in mind.
  • 11. I've done it all life.
  • 12. I had to take word for it.
  • 13. Now I must tell you about home.
  • 14. He said he was on side.
  • 15. The fire had been used for purpose.
  • 16. I can see that in face.
  • 17. You are here to take places.
  • 18. It turned head and looked out of the door.
  • 19. But I had never seen face.
  • 20. The children met no one on way.

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