Possessive Pronouns Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. The girl raised hers high in the air.
  • 2. The summer, in its way, is there as pleasant as the winter in its.
  • 3. Jane's terrified eyes met theirs.
  • 4. They go their way, and we go .
  • 5. It was a pity you found .
  • 6. You are by your own lips.
  • 7. My income having hitherto not been sufficient to enable me to visit its hospitable shores, I hail this opportunity with pleasure of discussing questions that are of importance to us all with one of , no doubt, most distinguished daughters.
  • 8. Then he felt her hand upon .
  • 9. is always the hard and dirty work.
  • 10. He held out his hand and took .
  • 11. He's a friend of .
  • 12. Our satisfaction was no less keen than .
  • 13. The child raised his eyes to .
  • 14. is a prudence to be neglected.
  • 15. You are my love and I am .
  • 16. My hands were not tied like .
  • 17. I am sure I don't know .
  • 18. Then she raised her eyes to .
  • 19. Thus Abbotsford grew, of which all the critics have talked as if , alas!
  • 20. There is not another such home in Paris as .

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