Prepositions of Place (in/on/at) Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 4,434

  • 1. And at the window stood a girl.
  • 2. On her way she came to a house.
  • 3. It was in this room when you arrived.
  • 4. this room, too, she died.
  • 5. I could see no reason for the look her face.
  • 6. Who's that the floor?
  • 7. It is the hands of the people.
  • 8. There is no one like him this country.
  • 9. She is the only good one the house.
  • 10. There was always a smile his face.
  • 11. It is just the same home.
  • 12. His eyes are fixed the ground.
  • 13. She put her head in the door.
  • 14. And he wanted to be bed.
  • 15. She is never seen the town now.
  • 16. She put one hand my arm.
  • 17. There is nothing like it the world.
  • 18. He is town, isn't he?
  • 19. But what could he do home?
  • 20. I can hear them the door now.

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