Present Continuous Tense Negative Form Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. We aren't going so very far. (go)
  • 2. He isn't getting on as quickly as he should. (get on)
  • 3. I am not asking for your reasons. (ask)
  • 4. This myth in involution. (lack)
  • 5. You well, Betty. (look)
  • 6. The county in interesting remains. (want)
  • 7. We any other visitors. (expect)
  • 8. But I back. (go)
  • 9. I of that. (speak)
  • 10. I his part against you. (take)
  • 11. His heels the ground. (touch)
  • 12. And we any younger. (get)
  • 13. He ; he's coming back. (go)
  • 14. Caroline affects a sort of distraction sufficiently well played to induce the belief that she . (listen)
  • 15. It that he needs. (talk)
  • 16. He to ordinary acts of sin. (refer)
  • 17. Being a reformer . (fatten)
  • 18. He a step beyond David Hume. (advance)
  • 19. We for you now. (wait)
  • 20. You ill, are you? (feel)

Online Present Progressive Tense Negative Form (am not/isn't/aren't -ing) Activities

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