Present Continuous Tense Passive Voice Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. It is like a London season, and as I do not take a siesta once in a month, and then only five minutes, I am being worn to the bones, and look aged and anxious. (wear)
  • 2. The project is being realized in our own day. (realize)
  • 3. I am being busted here by party named Hutchinson. (bust)
  • 4. Few are aware how much evil seed among the young everywhere through the medium of vile books. (sow)
  • 5. A great revolution at this moment. (accomplish)
  • 6. Greet my old father, assure him of my love and fidelity, and tell him where I . (take)
  • 7. The story of Mary in moving pictures and played in theatres all over the world. (tell)
  • 8. The past to us. (renew)
  • 9. Everything , even the old methods of art. (sacrifice)
  • 10. I with you. (evict)
  • 11. Pressure in every direction. (apply)
  • 12. His idea of luxury is to dance to the music of a fiddle, whilst unlimited brandy . (imbibe)
  • 13. And we know that confusion by carefully timed accidents and errors. (cause)
  • 14. That house a marvel of elegance and taste. (make)
  • 15. He to keep him from playing. (hold)
  • 16. The difficulty of service . (reduce)
  • 17. You straight to your death. (send)
  • 18. Were there any doubt on this point, the matter might be easily tested by inquiry in half the households in the city, where the book over. (revel)
  • 19. And yet he is so susceptible that he can be managed even when he knows he . (manage)
  • 20. You away from the doubt. (draw)

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