Present Continuous Tense Question Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 165

  • 1. Are we practically enjoying this blessing, and experiencing this peace which passes all understanding? (we/practically/enjoy)
  • 2. In reality, why am I going, and why is he going? (why/I/go) (why/he/go)
  • 3. of (if it can think)? (what/it/think)
  • 4. for, what does he expect to see there? (what/he/look)
  • 5. for them, and as their authorized agents, in this endeavor to press amendments upon the attention of Congress? (we/act)
  • 6. of photographing anything now? (you/think)
  • 7. the sheep? (where/the little boy/tend)
  • 8. well? (the little people/not/look)
  • 9. about any event in the wanderings of Israel? (you/read)
  • 10. at, man? (what/you/drive)
  • 11. at the expense, as you did just now about that of the walls? (you/grumble)
  • 12. at it so? (why/she/look)
  • 13. But on the eastern bank at the head of the pool? (what/that dark figure/kneel)
  • 14. that injured you? (the person/live)
  • 15. Elsmere, to Miss Leyburn? (who/that man/talk)
  • 16. about? (what the thunder/they/talk)
  • 17. in the west? (the sun/rise)
  • 18. around here for-taking Dick's boy away? (what/he/sneak)
  • 19. Now, really, for? (what/you/bother)
  • 20. with the Brightlight Electric Company? (how/you/come out)

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