Present Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I hope you haven't been getting into any more mischief. (not/get into)
  • 2. And what have we been asking you to do to keep them all? (what/we/ask/?)
  • 3. He has been fighting me for years. (fight)
  • 4. I everywhere for you. (look)
  • 5. Where they are standing now, I stood fifteen years ago, and I need not tell you that I still for the last fifteen years. (not/stand)
  • 6. My experiences in another profession in incident, often of a curious and romantic kind, and sometimes almost startling. (not/want)
  • 7. I fancy suitors . (not/lack)
  • 8. I hope he into broken English the eloquence of his face. (not/translate)
  • 9. You them in from the top? (not/push)
  • 10. You abroad long enough to distinguish at a glance. (not/travel)
  • 11. I hope you about with him. (not/walk)
  • 12. I about him for a year. (read)
  • 13. I of religion. (think)
  • 14. I it over. (think)
  • 15. I on my wife. (live)
  • 16. You him often enough. (call)
  • 17. You needn't be frightened-I around. (not/spy)
  • 18. I you some information. (give)
  • 19. I for this happy day. (wait)
  • 20. The rascal his eye over young women all these years without being able to spot them in a moment, even in navvy's clothes. (not/run)

Online Mixed Present Perfect Progressive Tense (have/has been -ing) Activities

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