Present Perfect Simple Tense Passive Voice Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I have been forced to ask her. (force)
  • 2. The rifle hasn't been found in the wood. (not/find)
  • 3. I believe you have been had. (have)
  • 4. The present kitchen at the rear. (add)
  • 5. They since then. (not/see)
  • 6. We for two years. (separate)
  • 7. Similar facts in other places. (observe)
  • 8. I , I think. (follow)
  • 9. A miracle in him. (work)
  • 10. The servants in the house. (keep)
  • 11. Every paper of importance . (destroy)
  • 12. He to his decision. (help)
  • 13. You every consideration. (give)
  • 14. Similar institutions throughout the country. (form)
  • 15. It after many prayers. (make)
  • 16. Many people in this way. (kill)
  • 17. No information of that kind . (produce)
  • 18. His word without question. (take)
  • 19. A judgment against me. (get)
  • 20. They about in every direction. (carry)

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