Present Perfect Simple Tense Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 140

  • 1. It has paid for itself in every way. (pay)
  • 2. I have called you three times. (call)
  • 3. I have tried it all my life. (try)
  • 4. I the name over many times. (say)
  • 5. I that all out. (think)
  • 6. I such a sight. (never/see)
  • 7. They back to their own country. (go)
  • 8. A happy change over the spirit of the scene. (pass)
  • 9. I her say so. (hear)
  • 10. You many words in your day. (speak)
  • 11. It by me ever since. (lie)
  • 12. Now you the true line. (strike)
  • 13. Now, I my duty. (do)
  • 14. She a danger-point. (reach)
  • 15. Woman the silence of the century. (break)
  • 16. It appears that he of you. (hear)
  • 17. I my life and love. (lose)
  • 18. He in my service for years. (be)
  • 19. The world full of sorrow. (be)
  • 20. He his mind to this. (make up)

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