Present Perfect Simple Tense Question Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. Has Jasper proposed such a thing, Hilda? (Jasper/propose)
  • 2. How long has he been in Switzerland? (how long/he/be)
  • 3. Have you approached your neighbour's wife? (you/approach)
  • 4. you to fetch me? (mother/send)
  • 5. a fall from my horse? (I/have)
  • 6. ? (the plumber's man/be)
  • 7. yourself enough for one day! (you/not/disgrace)
  • 8. at her house? (you/never/visit)
  • 9. for the world if it is to be everlastingly sex-ridden? (what/civilization/do)
  • 10. my message, father? (you/hear)
  • 11. any inconveniences in her apartments? (she/discover)
  • 12. And yet, Virginia? (where/slavery/place)
  • 13. its way from the underground lodging where the eggs are hatched to the fleece of a Bee? (how/this tiny creature/make)
  • 14. The Boy Jones? (my reader/forget)
  • 15. a ray through a crack in the tomb? (the sun/dart)
  • 16. that hardening of the nature, that drying up of the sweet springs of sympathy, which usually attend a long-continued selfish undertaking? (he/escape)
  • 17. back since those days? (he/not/be)
  • 18. the record with the I. W. W. preamble and constitution? (why then/the State/cumber)
  • 19. of the fate which will come to men of Ashanti should they land on the far bank some miles down this river? (our brother/think)
  • 20. to see us? (why/you/not/be)

Online Present Perfect Simple Tense Interrogative Form Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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