Present Perfect Simple Tense With Just Already Yet Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 1,359

  • 1. As I have already remarked, spirit or unknown brains are frequently present at births.
  • 2. The Books you have sent me over sea, I have not yet received: I wish, they were all translated into Latin; for I have not English enough, to understand all particulars perfectly.
  • 3. I have just returned from a very satisfactory and delightful interview with Mrs. Hayes.
  • 4. The article, as I have remarked, is very entertaining.
  • 5. It is so peculiar in many characters that some writers have considered it as specifically distinct; , as we now see, when crossed with the Spanish fowl, it yields offspring closely resembling the wild G. bankiva.
  • 6. If that promise has not been all kept, the end is not .
  • 7. You have thirty thousand francs a year, and the proceeds of your pen; you have justified your motto: Ars thesaurusque virtus, that punning device our ancestors were always seeking, and you never appear in the Bois de Boulogne!
  • 8. His extreme courage, and even generosity, soon brought a large number of followers together; and, as I have remarked, he became the terror of the whole Neapolitan frontier.
  • 9. We have had occasion to mention the localities which witnessed the completion of the voyage.
  • 10. I am quite sure that I have seen his face, and I cannot remember where.
  • 11. I have returned from visiting the prisoners.
  • 12. It is hardly necessary to say much about this Castle, which everybody has seen; on which account, doubtless, nobody has ever thought fit to describe it-at least that I am aware.
  • 13. I have never thought of him, and I am not without religion.
  • 14. I understand you perfectly-I have surprised you and you have not found time to catch your breath.
  • 15. We have had occasion to notice his defective memory, and how in consequence he was so greatly impeded in the prosecution of his studies.
  • 16. I've been there a number of times, and I always leave there with regret.
  • 17. These things have aroused the indignation of the whole civilized world and the end is not .
  • 18. Some exquisite phrases in this passage have endeared it to all readers of Keats; I cannot but regard it as very foreign to the main subject-matter.
  • 19. I have heard of the discovery of some large bones, supposed to be of the mammoth, at about thirty or forty miles distance from you: and among the bones found, are said to be some which we have never been able to procure.
  • 20. We have had occasion to allude more than once to these bodies; it only remains now to enumerate a few further particulars.

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