Present Simple Tense Passive Voice Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. For a moment he is lost in thought. (lose)
  • 2. I am sent from over the sea. (send)
  • 3. Of this sister a curious story is told. (tell)
  • 4. But you to it. (not/drive)
  • 5. I she hasn't. (tell)
  • 6. This effect in two different ways. (produce)
  • 7. But I to say so. (bind)
  • 8. Beautiful views from various parts. (obtain)
  • 9. He here the next month. (expect)
  • 10. I back to the object of this book. (bring)
  • 11. I will not die till I . (hear)
  • 12. Everybody to it. (not/call)
  • 13. The woods with my family. (fill)
  • 14. I to bring you into the matter. (force)
  • 15. You , it seems. (not/want)
  • 16. If they do, we . (beat)
  • 17. The voice by the breath in a box in the neck. (make)
  • 18. It in letters of fire. (write)
  • 19. You to hear anything. (not/suppose)
  • 20. Every tree by his own fruit. (know)

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