Quantifiers (many/much/few/little) Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 3,296

  • 1. Little progress was made on that day by either side.
  • 2. He is going away in a few days.
  • 3. I haven't very much money.
  • 4. I want a light on this subject.
  • 5. After some time he resumed his questions.
  • 6. And he had men with him.
  • 7. They have yet work to do.
  • 8. After a moments they returned to the fire.
  • 9. For minutes she remained quite silent.
  • 10. The religious difficulty gave him as anxiety.
  • 11. Very light entered this dark place.
  • 12. I must say a words to her.
  • 13. But it was only for a feet.
  • 14. This was a matter of a minutes.
  • 15. She had seen him in parts.
  • 16. In the morning our strength was gone.
  • 17. He knew the names of animals.
  • 18. Let me give a attention to this idea.
  • 19. She has filled that place for years.
  • 20. He had very knowledge to go on.

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2035 online multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank quantifiers exercises across 101 tests provide a wide range of sentences to help you grasp the context and usage/formation of the quantifiers (many/much/few/little). Prepare for exams, practice quantifiers (many/much/few/little) online and verify your answers immediately. Expand your English grammar proficiency with interactive many much few little activities. Suitable for kids, adults, ESL learners at the beginner, elementary, and intermediate levels.