Quite vs Rather Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 286

  • 1. She held out her hand rather timidly.
  • 2. You will do it quite naturally later.
  • 3. I began to find my position rather perilous.
  • 4. Culture is a plant of slow growth.
  • 5. There was a moment of awkward silence.
  • 6. I think it enough if you appear.
  • 7. You'll find it's right.
  • 8. We are satisfied on all such points.
  • 9. This instance appears to me suspicious.
  • 10. It is true, I am sure.
  • 11. I set down the pail weakly.
  • 12. They were in the small, dreary lounge.
  • 13. The result of my effusions seem dubious.
  • 14. She looked at him, and laughed nervously.
  • 15. They can be certain of that.
  • 16. She smiled wistfully and changed the subject.
  • 17. Cricket went towards her, reluctantly.
  • 18. The others seemed reluctant to accompany him.
  • 19. And then he was not sure.
  • 20. Mr. Bernard smiled, but sadly.

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