Say vs Tell Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I don't know what I can say to her.
  • 2. Now I'll tell you something.
  • 3. Besides, what could I say to him?
  • 4. No; he could not him.
  • 5. I'll you about it another day.
  • 6. Do you know what I to myself?
  • 7. I to him, do it.
  • 8. She to herself that it was all over.
  • 9. I will you what it was.
  • 10. What could I to him then?
  • 11. I will you all about it now.
  • 12. I you what we will do.
  • 13. What should he her to do?
  • 14. I don't know what he to her.
  • 15. What did he to you, George?
  • 16. They'll you what to do.
  • 17. Won't you me about it?
  • 18. I thought so when you me.
  • 19. They to him no word about his marriage.
  • 20. The others him the same thing.

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