Second Conditional Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. They wouldn't go back home if you paid them. (not/go) (pay)
  • 2. But I could bear up better if it for press comments. (bear) (not/be)
  • 3. Of course I I hadn't taken it if I -and I didn't take it, indeed I did n't. (not/say) (have)
  • 4. They it if you them of the best. (not/touch) (give)
  • 5. He worthy of hate his whole life long, if he her once more! (be) (not/seek)
  • 6. If she it, it . (write) (passive/not/print)
  • 7. If I in private the same submissive wife that I appear to others, he confidence in himself. (not/remain) (lose)
  • 8. He happy if he . (not/be) (not/be)
  • 9. If he , we him. (do) (not/believe)
  • 10. If I a dog he the things for me. (have) (carry)
  • 11. If I I mischief. (do) (make)
  • 12. He knew that if he he everything. (laugh) (spoil)
  • 13. If it the man himself I . (be) (not/mind)
  • 14. If sentiment too fast, she a quarrel over a word, or when words flagged behind her thoughts, she appealed to the feelings. (go) (raise)
  • 15. Honestly believing that his affection was returned, Caesar was offering her the highest honor in his power; if she from him, he every right to complain of having been basely deceived, and to call her a heartless wanton. (flee) (have)
  • 16. If you at his hand, you it. (look) (see)
  • 17. How one if it true! (laugh) (be)
  • 18. Folks him if he that. (not/know) (leave)
  • 19. John never knew that noise to cease, and he doubted not, if he here a thousand years, that same loud murmur the air. (stay) (fill)
  • 20. If they they and out. (do) (get up)

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