Second Conditional Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. Doubtless he would gladly consider your work if it fitted in with his ideas. (gladly/consider) (fit)
  • 2. Why, I wouldn't give you up if you wanted me to! (not/give) (want)
  • 3. Who , if Atticus he? (not/weep) (be)
  • 4. He said he kept this gag constantly on him, and intended to do so as long as he was on the plantation: so that, if he , he could not eat, and to death. (run away) (starve)
  • 5. If I in you something that I see in few other men, I here. (not/see) (not/be)
  • 6. Still, if I that I could afford the tax, I without a courier, for a good courier is a convenience whose value cannot be estimated in dollars and cents. (feel) (never/travel)
  • 7. You if you till Christmas. (not/guess) (go on)
  • 8. If he the trouble to write to me, I him like that. (take) (not/treat)
  • 9. You him if you him. (hardly/know) (meet)
  • 10. You above it, if you . (be) (have)
  • 11. He such an offer if he he was going to lose his life. (not/make) (think)
  • 12. They said they to us if they anything. (return) (find)
  • 13. If she her head she the direction. (turn) (lose)
  • 14. If they not they here. (have) (scarcely/be)
  • 15. If I a bird, I with him. (be) (sing)
  • 16. I to the man again if you me! (not/speak) (pay)
  • 17. Even if they , they you. (do) (not/catch)
  • 18. If they to do as she told them she them this time till they bled. (fail) (certainly/beat)
  • 19. I know-but he if I him to. (come) (ask)
  • 20. He time if he hard. (have) (ride)

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