Shall/Shan't Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. If so, I shall send for you. (send)
  • 2. If you won't save him, you shan't save me. (not/save)
  • 3. Now, what shall I do with it? (what/I/do/?)
  • 4. I don't know when I again. (eat)
  • 5. We here till the end of the month. (not/come down)
  • 6. We it if you do. (not/like)
  • 7. I very glad to do so. (be)
  • 8. He so to the end! (think)
  • 9. But I you travel by yourself. (not/let)
  • 10. I think I . (go/and/call)
  • 11. I for anybody's talk. (not/care)
  • 12. He in his own words. (speak)
  • 13. You me into being like yourself. (not/rule)
  • 14. We any of that one. (not/see)
  • 15. It is the last death I . (cause)
  • 16. I open this letter. (not/break)
  • 17. I the money for the same. (receive)
  • 18. It too late! (not/be)
  • 19. You seem quite certain that I the money. (take)
  • 20. Very well, I . (not/worry)

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