So vs Neither Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. The lawyer was satisfied, and so was the banker.
  • 2. If their possessions are few, so are their wants.
  • 3. She is not there, neither is she at her desk.
  • 4. Rob looked, and did his father.
  • 5. And as they are, are their children!
  • 6. I could not cry; could she.
  • 7. I was positive and was she.
  • 8. You see, I have not forgotten, and must you.
  • 9. I was glad, and were they.
  • 10. Not a human being was in sight; and were the dogs.
  • 11. But she did not realize it; did he.
  • 12. And he doesn't like it at all, and do we.
  • 13. However, I didn't say anything, and did the other girls.
  • 14. He did not answer that question; can I.
  • 15. I know it already, and do you.
  • 16. If she is unique, are you.
  • 17. I'd never once looked at it in that way; had any one else.
  • 18. She suffered intensely, and did he.
  • 19. She could never forget, and could he.
  • 20. They didn't believe it, and did we.

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