So vs Such Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. He had never seen her so white.
  • 2. He is so good, is he not?
  • 3. But such a way as it was!
  • 4. For a long time, I thought .
  • 5. I didn't know it was late.
  • 6. I thought when you told me.
  • 7. I'm going to do now.
  • 8. But you are not a man.
  • 9. There is no other place in the world.
  • 10. Yet he had heard of things.
  • 11. We had never done a thing before.
  • 12. He is not big as he was.
  • 13. At times he was another person.
  • 14. It was not bad, then.
  • 15. She is very, very good.
  • 16. I have thought of it often.
  • 17. But I don't think now.
  • 18. You never saw a thing in your life.
  • 19. I have never seen a night.
  • 20. He kept all things to himself.

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