Some vs Any Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. After tea, they had some music.
  • 2. My story took some time to tell.
  • 3. I have not seen any one for days.
  • 4. It was time before he raised his head.
  • 5. Possibly they could throw light upon his loss.
  • 6. They gave protection from the rain and the snow.
  • 7. I don't know him more.
  • 8. She went a little further, and she met water.
  • 9. I've writing I could do.
  • 10. It required courage to do that.
  • 11. I've had great times here.
  • 12. Don't you have friends?
  • 13. It looked as though he had made progress.
  • 14. And there isn't air.
  • 15. But I've written letters.
  • 16. The scene was feet below him.
  • 17. I won't have more of it.
  • 18. They wandered on in silence for time.
  • 19. We have made progress, though.
  • 20. I can make tea in five minutes.

Online Some or Any Activities

2021 some any exercises in 101 tests. Practice some vs any online, complete the sentences using correct forms, check your answers interactively. Improve your English grammar with the ESL activities about some or any. The first some any tests are easier and suitable for kids, beginner (A1), elementary (A2) and pre-intermediate (B1) learners.

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