Tag Questions Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 3,707

  • 1. You needn't obey her, need you?
  • 2. A fellow isn't all battery, is he?
  • 3. You were jealous of him, weren't you?
  • 4. You weren't born here, you?
  • 5. It was kind of him, it?
  • 6. You have cows, you?
  • 7. You saw my surprise, you?
  • 8. It has been a long day, it?
  • 9. You don't think she will refuse him, you?
  • 10. It hasn't changed a bit, it?
  • 11. You quite comprehend, you?
  • 12. You're not chivalrous about it, you?
  • 13. Only it is important, it?
  • 14. You remember brother D., you?
  • 15. You didn't think to stay, you?
  • 16. We know what they are, we?
  • 17. He holds himself nicely, he?
  • 18. You're a Catholic, you?
  • 19. You do understand, you?
  • 20. You haven't a telephone, you?

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