Tag Questions Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I haven't got a watch, have I?
  • 2. We could have a little dinner, couldn't we?
  • 3. You are not angry with me, are you?
  • 4. And that is the reason, isn't it?
  • 5. We would have a rest, we?
  • 6. You have kept your promise, you?
  • 7. You'll have some breakfast, you?
  • 8. You can keep a secret, you?
  • 9. He wouldn't put her out, he?
  • 10. I have not changed so much, I?
  • 11. You pay the tax for them, you?
  • 12. He's not like the others, he?
  • 13. I couldn't tell him the truth, I?
  • 14. You are fond of the country, you?
  • 15. That is an English game, it?
  • 16. You don't want to die, you?
  • 17. We can't all see people in the same light, we?
  • 18. You must leave me here, you?
  • 19. You don't want a man, you?
  • 20. It sounds like a romance, it?

Online Tag Questions Activities

2020 tag questions exercises in 101 tests. Practice tag questions online, check your answers. Improve your English grammar with the tag questions activities. Suitable for beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate learners.

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